The Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy Network

ELEEP is a dynamic, membership-only forum for the exchange of ideas, policy solutions, best-practices and professional development for emerging North American and European leaders working on or around environmental and energy issues. ELEEP currently has over 100 members, split between North America and Europe.


  • uses online communication plattforms and thematic working groups where members engage regularly, generating over 14,000 unique posts, comments and other activities since its launch in November 2011
  • engages in transatlantic conversation and debates about pressing issues related to energy, climate and environmental policy
  • organizes local, regional and international  events all over the world including experiential study tours and high-profile conferences
  • coordinates and collaborates to produce jointly published articles and impact projects, including the launch of the Arctic Climate Change Emerging Leaders (ACCEL) Program in 2014
  • represents nineteen countries and includes: elected officials, legislative staff, businesspeople and young executives, academics, scientists, entrepreneurs, national security experts, urban planners, energy professionals and journalists
  • influences the public debate and its members are willing and able to affect policies, citizen behavior and business activities that ensure the security of our energy sources while preserving the environment

The Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy Network (ELEEP) is a joint project of Ecologic Institute in Berlin, Ecologic Institute US and the Atlantic Council.